[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

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Thu Sep 16 10:11:23 EDT 2004

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sgian at planetc.com writes:
It's not so simple as just proportional spacing, though.   The lines in the
memo are vertically proportionally spaced.  That is, between lines of the
same paragraph of 10 pt type there are 13 pt spaces between lines, not even
half lines that the IMB Selectrics were capable of.  Also notice that the
tail of the 'y' tucks under the previous letter.  The Selectrics could not
do this.  No typewriter ever did this.

Of course the secretary who would have typed this said in a network interview 
last night, that although she agrees with some content, these are forgeries. 
She never typed them and the language used in them is completely wrong. 

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