[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

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I worked for the feds and the state in the 70s.  They did bid lots, so the
state of Texas would have put out an RFP or IFB and Royal and IBM and the
rest of the typewriter boys would have bid to supply ALL the national guard
units in the state with typewriters.

Or, then again they may have "piggy-backed" on a federal bid or a school
district bid (they were real popular with schools).  Schools generally got
their typewriters for half the price the general public paid.

$700 would have been the private citizen cost, not the bid cost for a mass
purchase which is how the guard would have bought typewriters.  did then, do

The dollars then and the dollars now are irrelevant.  What would have been
relevant is the spending patterns of that time.  Government spent without
regard to budgets then.  The "wisdom" of the time was a phobia that if you
didn't spend beyond your budget they would cut your budget for the following
year.  The theory was you would be "punished" for being fiscally

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> but what is 700.00 in todays dollars?? you are talking about 40 years of
> inflation. I still doubt a national guard unit would have such a thing to
> memos on.
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