[Homestead] Soy

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Wed Sep 15 21:12:41 EDT 2004

about edemame, Lynda asked:
> We've never used any but fresh.  How do you process and preserve your's?<

To eat fresh, we just steam a little and then pop out of the hulls as
snacks, sort of like you'd boiled peanuts (another treat).  To preserve, we
simply freeze these, after steaming, just as they are, in ziplocks.  To
serve again, just thaw.  They don't seem to go bad quickly like some frozen
foods (green beans for example just aren't good after a few months) -- I ate
some from two years ago recently and they were quite impressive.  Have some
fresh right now.

Along with every other kind of bean there is.  Right now we have lots of
octobers and jacob's cattle beans which we preserve mostly by canning in the
green shell stage (that is, as shellies before they've dried).  Lots of
McCaslins, purple podded pole beans, and big and little greasies for green
beans.  We can lots of those, eat lots fresh, and pickle some -- mmm, love
them pickled.

Anyway, got carried away by the beans.  Planted more peas tonight.


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