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Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Wed Sep 15 09:42:55 EDT 2004

> how is closing the tobacco companies going to accomplish a thing?
> James
Eugene O'Neill :

"None of us can help the things
that are done to us.
They're done before we realize it,
and once they're done they make us
do other things - 
until at last everything comes between us
and what we'd like to be, and
we've lost our true selves forever."
Some of us didn't (and some don't now)
have parents who were/are *parents*.

"Give me a child until he is six ....." and
"As the twig is bent ...." are just as true
now as they were *then*.

That's why those who were/are more
fortunate and are able - and want to 
spend time after-the-fact - to pass laws 
to protect/defend. Or try to. And
develop organizations to aid and support
those who may try to overcome
"what was done to them". 

Taking in by one's eyes and ears *all*
information before one is able to
comprehend and distinguish between
harmful and beneficial is how it would
help to "close down the tobacco"
(and other) companies. Not so much
for the 'current crop' of humans who
are - or are not - aware and able to
resist "temptation" - as for the ones 
coming into the world .... if one 
*cares* about future generations.

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