[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
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You don't now squat about typewriters!  The IBM Composer, which is what you
are referring to wouldn't have produced that memo.  Not without a lot of

the IBM Selectrics, possibly the Mag Cards and probably the Executive could
have and all were readily available during that time period.  AND, they
didn't cost $3500 like the Composer.

Furthermore, it is patently obvious that you aren't a typist!  Superscript
and subscript were a whiz with those old Selectrics.  Half spacing wasn't a
problem either.  Centering is something any first year typist in any high
school could have done back then!

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> Experts, in this field, it would appear are dangerous ignorant!
> You do realize that no selectric ball, could have produced those
> The only IBM capable of producing that in 1973 had been on the market 2
> months, and was used for typesetting, not office use. Only a handful were
in the
> market and would have a cost in the thousands in todays dollars. No
> national guard office would have had this, and certainly the author, 18
> discharged at this point, didn't have one at home in his basement.
> Fake and you know it.
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