[Homestead] Americans, go home !

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Tue Sep 14 20:09:48 EDT 2004

> >How many  Americans have to die before
> >some looney-tune figures out there *is*
> >no  "legitimate government that represents
> >all the people of Iraq* any more  than
> >than the looney in Wh___ House represents
> >*all* Americans  ?

>You know, using your criteria, no one has a "legitimate" government anywhere.

Currently, *that* includes the *U.S.*
> ..one that is acceptable to the majority of  the populace in question.   

If Americans voted for a President, instead
of the Electoral College - you might be correct.
But we *don't*. And the newly printed ballots
for Washington State - choose a Party, vote
for - or not - *only* *that* Party's candidates
is *no longer* *free* choice ....

> This has been stated before, and is unavoidable.  

Unavoidable ? as in *not* throwing good money
after bad ? 

> Like it or not, we  are involved in Iraq... until such time as the area "stabilizes".   

I got news for you, Ray, it ain't gonna stabilize ....

> I  fear that it may be a very long time, but the alternative.. pulling out before  the process is complete... will hold far worse consequences.

For whom, Ray ? The U.S. companies, being the
"victors", who are setting up for business as usual 
(see Newsweek) when even the "moderate" Iraqis 
are saying, "Americans, it's time for you to go home"? 

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