[Homestead] CBS recant ... NOT!

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Tue Sep 14 19:06:18 EDT 2004

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Geez, and people wonder why the folks over there want us the hell out of
Funny thing, we have the highest rate of re-enlistment ever among troops in 
combat zones, and my assistant scoutleader , returned last week from Iraq, says 
he can't believe how the media is slanting what is going on over there to the 
negative. He allowed his Emory University doctors position to be given away 
and extended his natl guard time over there because of all the people they are 
helping. He says people thanked him almost every day on the street. He became 
a doctor to help people, but says he never felt as appreciated as he did by 
being present. The people you are listening to, who want us the "hell out" are 
the terrorists and despot wannabe's. 

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