[Homestead] Philippine Architecture, misc public schools, agriculture

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 14 19:14:11 EDT 2004

tvoivozhd---I've got to spring for forty bucks---this  free browser has 
too-long URL's   for the websites it runs across.

http://www-rcf.usc.edu/~camiling/Walden.htm  (war-ravaged Philippine 

http://pkukmweb.ukm.my/~mbz/unload/u2001dis/u2001dis.html  (Wonderful 
Public Schools, savior of the poor around the world---home-schooling 
didn't exist, doesn't exist for them and for the masses couldn't cut it 
anyway.  Computers could change this, but only for those wealthy enough 
to own computers and subscribe to prohibitively expensive phone lines 
and ISP's or more expensive broadband)

(Filipino Architecture, stilt houses, bamboo floors that pass air from 
beneath, folding windows, ladder for entrance.)

(Viet Nam Architecture, older forms more functional in a tropical 
climate, more esthetically pleasing too, easier to build---this is the 
sort of thing I am looking for, but so far unable to find---this sort of 
a house, surrounded by garden, orchard, animal enclosures---lot like the 
"M.G.Kaines "Five Acres and Independence" book.)  

(aquaculture in Philippines---growing,raising fishfood a lot cheaper 
than importing it.)

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