[Homestead] Vernacular Architecture

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Tue Sep 14 17:10:21 EDT 2004

tvoivozhd---sniff, sob---can't find the magnificent rural farmhouse on 
stilts that I lost on a dead hard drive---kampung or kampong should 
bring it up on search engine, but it doesn't, only stilthouses over 
tidall flats.  Oh, well, may stumble across it by accident as usual if I 
keep wandering around..

http://www.vernaculararchitectureforum.org/  (vernacular architecture 
forum from all over the U.S. and around the world)

http://www.greatbuildings.com/types/styles/vernacular.html  (long list 
of vernacular architecture dwellings---one of my favorites, the original 
mobile home, is a Chinese Junk)

http://www.caerlas.demon.co.uk/building.htm  (short wall-ties of 
Lowlands, very sketchy information that some day may be filled out)

http://www.home.worldcom.ch/~negenter/211Oliver_Vernacular.html (Paul 
Oliver Encyclopedia---most comprehensive source in the world, but damned 
expensive---try to get from your library from their interlibrary loan 

http://www.rcahmw.org.uk/vernacular/  (Wales---churches are pretty, but 
small, well-designed buildings are more relevant to the small builder 
and small homeowner)

http://www.museums.org.za/vassa/  (South Africa specimens are worth 
examining, other sections of Africa have more diversity.  See the 
Publications section as a point of departure, from which you will have 
to do a lot of digging.)

http://www2.newpaltz.edu/~knappr/  (China Vernacular Architecture)

http://www.math.ufl.edu/math/biblio.html  (Search the bibliography with 
Waise, Glimpse, FTP)

http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ENVI/vernacular.html  (Berkely is an 
excellent source of vernacular architecture information)

http://muextension.missouri.edu/explore/copy.htm  (University of 
Missouri, look under Research for publications to download for free)

http://www.zambiaarchitecture.com/  (Zambia data)


(British Isles pictures)

http://www.skopelos.net/forsale/skopelos-book.htm  (Skipelos, Aegean 
vernacular architecture)

http://www.worthingtonm.freeserve.co.uk/vag/DYERVA.htm  (Christopher 
Dyer, interesting history notes)

http://www.scarp.ubc.ca/plan545b/quanzhou/vocab.htm  (Quangzhou data)

http://www.dirtcheapbuilder.com/bubyhavearar.html  (Steen and Komatsu 
"Built By Hand"---compendium second only to Paul Oliver 
Encyclopedia---pretty expensive at $50 new, try e-Bay, or library on 
interlibrary loan.---and look at the sidebar for specifics)

http://www.di-ve.com/dive/portal/portal.jhtml?id=113193&pid=160  (click 
plates and "view image" to see Maltese Apiary before Tracheal Mites, 
Varroa and hive beetles decimated worldwide bee populations and beekeepers.)

(Nrvada 120 building collection not all that primitive---Nevada is not 
blessed with rainfall and forests for building material)

(German Vernacular in Texas Hill Country---they occasionally did adopt 
the more climae-suitable Dogtrot house, but mostly the big, square 
format better suited to a cold climate, not that of Texas)

http://www.kerrycoco.ie/heritage/vern.htm  (County Kerry vernacular, get 
your much needed Gaelic lesson too.)

http://www.fetchbook.info/fwd_topics/id_1517341.html  (new and used 
Vernacular Architecture books)

http://www.powells.com/cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=16-0823031993-1  (and of 
course, Powell's Books)

(TexMex Vernacular)

(Fllrida Cracker wood-frame)

http://www.ribabookshops.com/site/viewtitle.asp?pid=831  (New Vernacular 
architecture, some resemblance to old, but using commercial building 

(Pakistan Vernacular---I'd like to see this, but not two hundred 
dollar's worth)

(Arkansas vernacular,many photographs.)

http://www.pierreseche.com/VAFranceEnglish.html  (French Vernacular)

http://www.penasco.com/02vernac.html  (Mexican Adobe revival)

http://www.penasco.com/news.html  (El Futuro Archives, some on 
construction, ost not, ut very interesting)

http://revelle.net/lakeside/radiant.html  (recovering wastewater heat 
loss with gypcrete

http://climatecontrol.articleinsider.com/108729_gypcrete.html  (using 
gypcrete, allow for loss of headroom, and increased weight on floor 
structure if any--no problem with a slab.

http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/swdesert/photocompadobe.html  (a must-read 
website---Dr. Bilge Isik is the foremost world authority on gypsum-adobe 

(one of my old posts relating to Bilge Isik, if links still 
alive---note, gypcrete sets up too damned fast, have to add a 
decellerator to give you enough time to work.)

http://atlas.cc.itu.edu.tr/~isikb/class2.html  (Alker, the Turkish term 
for gypsum-adobe mixes)

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