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Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Mon Sep 13 19:14:24 EDT 2004

The sudden "discovery" of meth as a problem is quite amusing.  It hasn't
been a problem the last 10 years, more like the last 30 to 40, particularly
in the West.  In the 50s it was Bennies and it progressed from there to
"speed," "go fast," "meth" or "crystal meth" which is the "best" of the
"nose candy."

A lot of women who are addicted got their habit via the "mother's little
helper" called dezoxingrads, a diet pill that is "legal" speed.  Along with
"grads" were "black beauties" and several other "diet" pills.  The FDA
cracked down on doctors and women went elsewhere.

It doesn't take an Einstein to make it and thus a meth lab can be set up in
any motel room or kitchen.

A lot of folks who were sent into rehab for using the socially acceptable
party drug cocaine were in actuality using speed.  They never admitted to
speed because only druggies or welfare mothers or white trash used "meth."

We saw lots of those folks at the rehab center back in the 70s and 80s, a
lot longer than a mere 10 years ago!

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> We lived in Texas before moving to Virginia.  The largest automobile
> dealer in Texas was trying to persuade my oldest daughter to marry his
> only son who was a fine and lazy science fiction writer and not much
> else.  Naturally at that economic level, they ran around with the
> richest of the rich, or the most political influential of the
> politically influential (same thing).
> At some of these elite party-party gatherings, G.W. Bush would be
> huddled immovable in a corner.  The drug of choice in the Dallas elite
> was Speed (also known as methamphetamine or crystal meth)  Bush
> acknowledges heavy use of alcohol, but is evasive about his use of
> drugs---doesn't (and can't) deny it, too many witnesses to his drug
> use---has so far been successful in the pooh-pooh bit, "it was so long
> ago, you know" , and no pack of jackals after him like Clinton who
> acknowledged smoking marijuana "but didn't inhale"..

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