[Homestead] Confusion - was CBS recant

Rob becidawa at hctc.com
Sun Sep 12 13:55:35 EDT 2004

At  9/12/2004 10:07 AM, you wrote:

>>Sorry Lurine, but the CBS expert they quoted in the story, now says CBS
>>mislead him and he too, now believes the papers to be forgeries. Turns 
>>out the officer who wrote the memos the story is based on, retired 18 
>>months prior to the dates on the letters.
>No smart forger would make such a mistake. It's all a con by the Bushies. 
>All other anti-Bush stuff will now be declared suspect.

Just keep things confused, NOTHING has to be true if everything is 
confused. As a plus this confusion keeps the talk on things that happened 
30 years ago, look how well it works with this thread.

No talk real these days about the job loss, the invasion of a country half 
way around the world (with no real plan) or the massive amount of borrowed 
money keeping the government afloat.

I read a quote by the Vice President the other day that the job numbers 
didn't look better because everyone was making a living off e-bay & those 
numbers didn't show up. Keep things confused.

There has been lot's of money made by 'some' over the last 3 1/2 years and 
lot's more to be made by that same 'some' over the next 4 if the confusion 

The world is changing all around us and this next November we (USA) have 
our small say in it.  Don't let the planned confusion keep you from thinking.

becidawa at hctc.com 

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