[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Sep 12 11:52:01 EDT 2004

O.K., we get that you are a rabid Republican and Bush is your boy.  However,
can you give us some proof of what you say about Kerry?  In particular,
admits to lying and the self-inflicted wounds?

Yeah, he requested deferment (which was granted) until he finished his BA at
Yale and he requested deferment to continue his college education to get his
MA.  When they said no, he didn't wait around to be drafted, he trotted down
to his local recruiters and signed up.  He didn't use "his" very influencial
and moneyed friends which could have bought him out of the war.

AND, unlike Dumbya, Kerry requested Vietnam duty.  That would be in February
1968, almost 2 years before his RAD date which was December of 1969.
REQUESTED Vietnam duty!  He could have continued simply sailing around
working as an electrical officer without ever putting himself in harms way.

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> You know, this whole line of questioning is really ridiculous. I don't
> any of these guys for the actions they took to avoid war. Who wants to be
> drafted into doing things they don't want, especially going to war. Cheney
> requested and got deferrels from service successfully. Kerry requested the
exact same
> thing multiple times and was refused. I dont blame either one for trying
> neither should be blamed for trying. Bush served in the national guard to
> avoid battle, and I don't blame him. Kerry made the most of self inflicted
> and minor injuries to get his purple hearts and release from combat in 3
> I don't really blame him for trying this either. I admit, I really don't
> the actions Kerry took upon returning though, as they hung his fellow
> soldiers, still fighting in vietnam and unable to defend themselves out to
dry. He
> admits now, testifying under false pretenses and relating lies to
congress. But
> worst of all, he only did this after starting his own run for office and
> personal political gain.

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