[Homestead] CBS recant

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Sep 12 10:34:00 EDT 2004

Doesn't make any difference, Drew.  His expertness was BS.  He stated that
the documents couldn't have been done on a typewriter because of fonts and
centering.  This is BS.

What YOU say is NOT what he based his "expertness" on.  Any high school
first semester typist could have typed those documents as they appeared on
the date on the documents.  You don't need a computer to type those

What other may or may not say now has no relevance as to the accuracy of the
supposed "expert."

Which reminds me, a "real" expert would have had to do only one thing to
prove or disprove the use of a typewriter, hold the paper to light and see
if the paper had been through a printer or a typewriter.

Bottomline, the expert is full of poop!

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From: <DSanner106 at aol.com>

> Sorry Lurine, but the CBS expert they quoted in the story, now says CBS
> mislead him and he too, now believes the papers to be forgeries. Turns out
> officer who wrote the memos the story is based on, retired 18 months prior
to the
> dates on the letters. Could not possibly be actual documents in other
> So the question is, did this guy decide to fake these documents himself
and do
> this, did someone at CBS mastermind the forgeries and hire this guy, or
> another person or party do this. Also, the "expert who says the documents
may be
> faked" is the drudgereport investigator, normally very anti-Bush. Not
> to make stuff up to cover for the government.\\
> Drew
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