[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
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Hubby was watching one of those notoriously boring talk shows that gets
competing experts on and one of them said "one documents had different types
in it, only a computer can do that" and then when asked about his
qualifications went on about how he had testified in court as a document
expert for 30 years.  All I could think was -- boy was he over paid and who
were the fools that used him as an expert.

Geez Louise, you could pop the balls out of old Selectrics in 5 seconds and
change fonts as often as your budget would permit!

Experts, in this field, it would appear are dangerous ignorant!

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> I have to agree... IBM Selectrics of the day were perfectly capable of
> producing proportional fonts, superscripts and all the other typing
> elements that didn't exist at the time according to this so called
> expert.  It's been cited that one could type the same memo using
> Microsoft Word and produce identical results with each letter and
> spacing matching up perfectly... well, that's because computer font
> designers at the time that Microsoft Times New Roman and other standard
> fonts were developed, were mimicking the then-standard Selectrics! This
> would make it easier to match existing pre-printed forms, etc.

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