[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Sep 12 10:25:39 EDT 2004

Sounds like the excuses kids give AFTER they are in trouble to explain why
they did something.  He refused to do his physical because of drug use AND
the possibility of being shipped out if he was trained on the new plane.  He
flat didn't show up, period.  IF he hadn't had "important" relatives he
would have been listed as AWOL.  It happened to many, many folks who didn't
have "important" relatives.

AND, he got the transfer after the fact.  He didn't put in for a transfer
and then sail off into the Alabama sunset.  He got the transfer afterwards
as he was going to be listed as AWOL and daddy's friends "fixed" it for him.

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> yes, his former unit. He was in a unit in alabama, working on a political
> campaign by then. The new unit did not require physicals with the
frequency of
> the flight unit, as he was not flying for them. He did get physicals on
the new
> schedule, and of course, lost his flight worthiness in the unit he no
> belonged to. A very common situation as one transfers within the guard.
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