[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

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His "powerful friends" got him into a unit to learn to fly a plane that had
already been decommissioned.  He only trained on the one plane.  When his
physical came due they were training on a new plane and folks that could fly
it were being sent over to Vietnam.  No physical, no flight time, no going
to Vietnam.

Follow the dots or the money or the coward.  Take your choice they all
arrive at the same destination, no going to Vietnam.
yes, his former unit. He was in a unit in alabama, working on a political 
campaign by then. The new unit did not require physicals with the frequency of 
the flight unit, as he was not flying for them. He did get physicals on the new 
schedule, and of course, lost his flight worthiness in the unit he no longer 
belonged to. A very common situation as one transfers within the guard. 

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