[Homestead] Our Maximum Leader's real military record

Lee Flier lflier at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 11 14:37:46 EDT 2004

Lynda wrote:

>Well, as a typist from way back and still owning many old typewriters, I can
>tell you that the supposed "expert" who says the documents "may" be faked is
>full of poop!
I have to agree... IBM Selectrics of the day were perfectly capable of 
producing proportional fonts, superscripts and all the other typing 
elements that didn't exist at the time according to this so called 
expert.  It's been cited that one could type the same memo using 
Microsoft Word and produce identical results with each letter and 
spacing matching up perfectly... well, that's because computer font 
designers at the time that Microsoft Times New Roman and other standard 
fonts were developed, were mimicking the then-standard Selectrics! This 
would make it easier to match existing pre-printed forms, etc.

At any rate, there are hundreds of documents containing such type 
elements, including other docs from Bush's military record that have 
already been made public.  Furthermore, CBS cited many other sources who 
can confirm the contents of the documents - it isn't as if these memos 
were their only proof that what they say happened, happened.  This whole 
thing is bizarre.  Then again, I'm with Gene - this whole campaign is 
bizarre and dignity has gone completely out the window.  I don't see how 
the American people are supposed to have ANY respect or trust left for 
whoever gets elected.


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