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September 10, 2004 

Update: 10,553 More Jobs Moved Offshore
Tech company offers "Exchange Program" to U.S. employees

White collar workers feel the pains of globalization.  Today's TechsUnite Offshore Tracker update adds more than 10,000 U.S. jobs to the offshore list, and 25 new company culprits.  This brings the total number of tracked jobs moving offshore to more than a quarter of a million (250,000) since TechsUnite began tracking the jobs in January of this year. 

Synygy, Inc<http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/J71c3RS1Rcad/>., a technology company based out of Pennsylvania, tries to ease the sting of offshoring by what the company dubs as an "exchange program" for its U.S. employees.  As positions swiftly move offshore to the company's new facilities in Pune, India, or Iasi, Romania, employees have the opportunity to move with them.  

Oliver Pitcher, a spokesman for the company, affirms that permanent employees, who enter the program, will receive all the same salary and benefits as their fellow Indian and Romanian co-workers.  According to Pitcher, employees may earn 70% less than they did with their positions in the U.S., but the cost of living in Pune is much cheaper.  "You may even save money", Pitcher adds.  

According to ComputerWorld magazine,  Synygy Chief Technology officer, Chetan Shah, notes, "It (the "exchange program") helps people gain experience and understand why this global model is so important."  The article appeared in the July 2004 edition of ComputerWorld, and focuses on consumer dissatisfaction and employee anger over moving U.S. jobs offshore.   

Synygy, Inc claims that no employees have been laid off due to the company's offshoring work.  However, an anonymous employee told WashTech that as many as 150 have been laid off, and that current employees are worried that their day will come. 

Check out the offshore tracker :  http://www.techsunite.org/offshore/<http://www.techsunite.org/offshore/>

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