[Homestead] Home Business---Nore on charcoal I think I forgot to include in prior post

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Sep 11 00:36:57 EDT 2004

(Making charcoal, direct and indirect method, including in a 55 gallon 
steel drum)

http://forestry.about.com/library/weekly/aa051798.htm  (about.com data 
on charcoal et.al, can't bring it up this morning),+steam&hl=en  
(general activated charcoal data)

You could make activated carbon by placing wood in a sealed
container with only a very tiny hole in it and heating it until the
wood is charred into activated carbon.  Ideally, a tube leading
into the container would be used to force water onto the wood to
create steam inside the container though this is not essential.
(The main consideration is to not allow air to get to the charcoal
when it's being heated while having a large enough hole in the
heating container to keep it from exploding when the hot gases in
it expand.)

http://www.tifac.org.in/news/accarbon.htm  (bamboo as raw material for 
activated charcoal),+steam&hl=en 
(Standard Milling, K.C., custom produces Kingsford vriquettes---note 
that charcoal is hygroscopic, must be packaged in impermeable bags or 
charcoal picks up moisture from air and bag bursts---not good if you 
sell to supermarkets who do not like bags bursting)

http://www.tifac.org.in/news/acrural.htm  IIndia article on bamboo and a 
reference to making activated charcoal---no diagram or machine for doing 

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