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Fri Sep 10 17:14:00 EDT 2004

I wasted half a day trying to get Google and Yahoo to find the activated 
charcoal producer---found it in my archived e-mail messages on the hard 
drive---stupid google is as useful as teats on a boar hog---doesn't look 
at solstice.crest.

You are fifty miles by dog team from your benevolent electric utility, 
and the dogs are tired of hauling diesel fuel by sled, you are tired 
just thinking about the cost of PV panels and batteries to run a 
refrigerator and icemaker, you will find your economical answer below.

Oh, yeah, by this time you know all about the once easily available 
archives from Homepower, now are on CD and have to be bought---your 
fault for not downloading them while they were free.  Still a bargain 
though, get yours now.

Follow up on the full-spectrum solar cell, it is your best hope for PV 
cells that are cost-competitive with fossil fuel to run your 
steam-powered computer.

Go deeper into Baviotas Bogata engineers products which this time I did 
not---do your share, and if you find something real good, post it.

http://www.bluemud.org/article/11606  (how to make bombs from household 
chemicals book, and formulafor DIY black powder, for which you need 
charcoal of course.)  Good blow-up-the-world stuff, like the Anarchist 
Cookbook I once bought at a bookstore, only to find when I got home that 
they had scissored out all the good stuff---dirty SOB's should have 
warned me and their other anarchist-customers..

Various solar icemakers:


http://www.solarmirror.com/fom/fom-serve/cache/33.html  (improved 
Icyball, in Homepower #53)

(link doesn't copy, probably have to buy Homepower CD)

(lithium chloride, solar powered house cooling)  
(more detail and component costs in webcrawler cache---still have to buy 
the Homepower #53 CD)

http://www.energy-concepts.com/isaac.html  (commercial manufacturer of 
ISAAC solar refrigeration/icemaker)

http://www.istori.com/cgi-bin/wiki?SolarIcemakers  (Kaminski, Georgia 
Tech solar icemakers, reference to Homepower)

http://www.caddet.org/brochures/index.php  (CADDET.org had some data, 
but for no good reason dropped it)

http://www.me.gatech.edu/energy/andy_phd/  (Einstein refrigeration 
cycle, uses bubble-pump for circulation, the whole thing is solar powered)

http://www.pacificsites.com/~sps/refrigeration.html (Small Power Systems 
startup experimental models,some good safety comments and design features)

http://www.dharma-haven.org/five-havens/gaviotas.htm  (I suspect 
Gaviotas Bogota engineers have come up with solar refrigeration, haven't 
made a search for it, but anything Gaviotas does is worth reading and doing)

(various sizes of ISAAC, from vaccine refrigerator to fishing village 
1000 lbs a day icemaker)


(I've posted this before, but using the full spectrum in a photocell is 
probably the most significant advance in lowering PV cost that has come 
down the pike---not double the efficiency, but well over an additional 
fifty percent)

http://www.solarcooking.org/plans.htm  (great solar cooker website, 
Cookit folding you can carry under one arm, funnel cookers with no risk 
of eye damage, increased collection area at funnel top, increases heat 
at bottom, a scaled up solar cooker with a collector backing of clay, 
two solar water sterilizers, solar food dryer, tracking box cooker, 
Aprovecho Rocket Stove.)

(stainless white LED solar light for footpaths at night)

(Duane Johnson's RedRok links)

http://solstice.crest.org/articles/static/1/1011975672_7.html  (haw-w-w, 
here it is at last, no thanks to unmassaged Google)
While there is a schematic to file under Activated Carbon in your hard 
drive---don't trust bookmark links to remain unbroken and trust search 
engines even less to find anything useful in recent years. You're going 
to be generating superheated steam in the monotube spiral---212 degree 
steam is useless for activating charcoal. You want to get 800 to 1000 
degrees  Celsius for high quality activated charcoal.   Incidentally, 
current wholesale price of activated charcoal is $3.00 a kilo, 
astronomical if made into pills or filters.

This is a good image to save---never know when it will come in handy to 
be able to product your own activated charcoal to use or in a homemade 
product to sell, and you sure as hell won't be able to find it with 
Google, even if it still existed..

(make a Burrito Battery, 1 volt, 100 MA per activated carbon, aluminum 
foil layer.  (throw this in for free if you need a homemade battery for 
your discombobulator.  It would work better with sodium hydroxide as an 
electrolyte, though)

The schematic should appear if you click the attachment in upper right 
hand box.

And now the precursor search results on making charcoal (or gunpowder 
for your DIY firearms and guided missiles if you have noticed this 
a-a-ah,  Rehnquist, Scalia and Thomas Supreme Court, true, blue 
CONSERVATIVE Republicans who would NEVER, EVER interpret away entire 
sections of the Constitution as fast as their little, tiny minds will 
permit, have left the Constitution a tattered rag.  Used to think 
Survivalists were nut cases, not so sure any more)

In the footsteps of DuPont and CIA

http://www.fireworksnews.com/blackpowdernewbk.htm  (black powder 

(several ways of making charcoal)

http://www.velvitoil.com/Charmake.htm (Gill website)

http://www.eaglequest.com/~bbq/charcoal/  (another using old 55 gallon 


http://www.fao.org/docrep/X5328e/x5328e00.htm  (FAO, United Nations, 
little larger scale and economic considerations)

http://forestry.about.com/treeincome.pdf  (make your woodlot produce an 
income better than just from firewood.  As close as you will come to the 
hunter-gatherer lifestyle in this society.  You don't have a 
woodlot---get a cheap license to scavenge in the nearest National 
Forest, or talk to a neighbor worried about the fire hazard of downed 
and standing deadwood in HIS woodlot---he won't pay you for reducing his 
risk, but will welcome you with open arms if you provide the pickup 
truck, chainsaw and sore back to alleviate his problem. Or visit the 
closest sawmill who can get something for slabwood but not for small 
slabwood pieces which keep piling up unless run through a grinder for 
bedding---may keep piling up after that, too.)

Charcoal is readily saleable in almost any city.  If you had enough 
production capacity you could set up a little booth (and barbecue grill 
samples) in front of any grocery or home improvement store and put 
Kingsford and its lousy pseudocharcoal out of business.  I wouldn't 
reduce the price of real charcoal since it is totally unnecessary, the 
bright exterior appearance and cleaner fire speaks for itself. Work out 
standard quantities in imprinted plastic bags from any one of a thousand 
bag suppliers---use a vapor-impermeable bag..

A little more work, woodlot essential oils are another homestead 
product--sell direct in your own soaps, candles, kitchen extracts, or to 
small soapmakers on the Web.

http://www.geocities.com/thejuiceuk/charcoal.html  (you wondered how 
those expensive handwarms from sporting goods stores work?  Expensive 
doesn't mean the ingredients or stamped container is expensive) And if 
made from fine material like straw, your charcoal lends itself to making 
rocket fuel without attracting attention from Mad Dogs Ashcroft and Ridge) 

You aren't going to sell and handwarmers in the summertime (whoever 
heard of a homeowner repairing a roof  BEFORE it started leaking), but 
maniac November duckhunters and ice-fisherman fill their  pockets with 
them.  A low-cost-to-produce item with a very high markup.  I think some 
now contain a fuel cell you can give a liquid rechargd---haven't 
researched the details or patent status.  You do both, I may never get 
around to it.

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