[Homestead] Bamboo, most valuable, fastest growing tree-grass in world

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Fri Sep 10 00:28:10 EDT 2004

Before we moved we looked into growing bamboo.  Very interesting critters that come in all sizes, shapes AND colors, including black and polka dotted!

There are two types of bamboo, running bamboo and clump bamboo.  Clump bamboo is shallow rooted and is the type you can contain by putting a two to three foot barrier around it.  The running bamboo is the type that takes over.  The clumping type bamboo is usually not cold-hardy.  Fountain Bamboo (E. nitida) is hardy to zero degrees F and Fargesia muriciae which is hardy to -20 but is rare.

The really big bamboo that is used like wood such as the Giant Timber Bamboo (6" diameter) and Moso Bamboo (8" diameter) are running bamboo.

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  I've wanted to try bamboo but have the same concerns about creating a monster. One thought I had was taking a large livestock tank, either the long oval one or a large round one, knocking the bottom entirely out and burying the remaining ring then planting the bamboo inside it.  Anyone know how deep the roots/runners go? I imagine it depends on the variety but thought maybe the 2 feet or so would be enough to contain it.


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