[Homestead] Wood ! but not here .... includes image

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Thu Sep 9 19:18:11 EDT 2004

> as a recalcitrant if incapacitated farmer, this is something I approve 
of.  It doesn't make sense to attempt to "farm" trees that take 200 
years to mature.  A tree that grows to 150 feet in fifteen years excites 
my admiration---no "tree farmer" in the Uhited States ever dreamt of 
such a crop---and its profit potential. The insatiable demand for wood 
products is not going to diminish,but trees this superior will go a long 
way toward pluggig the gap.  I'm happy you ran across this article---I 
certainly missed it.

Happy to oblige - besides, it just shows how
far "forestry" is from *Forest* (and Gaia).



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