[Homestead] Bamboo, most valuable, fastest growing tree-grass in world

Walter H.Jeffries Highlands at blacklightning.com
Thu Sep 9 18:56:10 EDT 2004

On Sep 9, 2004, at 2:37 PM, Warren F. Smith wrote:
> http://www.jmbamboo.com/  (don't know why a nursery specializing in
> cold-hardy bamboos would be located in Alabama, New England would be
> more appropriate.

There's a vast difference in the meaning of cold-hardy and New England. 

I note that on their web site they offer "Cold-Hardy". Then on another 
page they have "Extra Cold-Hardy". In their words about this second 
"Extra Cold-Hardy" variety they say: "While all the bamboos I sell are 
cold hardy, here are several that are exceptional. All these are hardy 
to below zero."

Compared with the tropics, being able to grow in Southern USA may be 
considered cold-hardy. That is being able to survive some frosts and 
freezing. Being able to grow in New England, especially the upper half, 
means withstanding ground frozen hard like rock and bitter winds and 
winter temps of -45F below zero for weeks, sometimes worse, and below 
zero for months. That's a lot lower than "hardy to below zero". 
Although the wind isn't such a factor if the bamboo dies back to the 
roots and regrows in the spring like grass since there is snow cover in 
most places around here for all of the winter. Still, the North 
country's extended period of deep freeze kill off a lot of things that 
aren't evolved for it.

The lowest temp version on the web site does claim that it goes down to 
-20F which is pretty good so maybe combined with an early deep snow 
cover it might survive. Ironically, up here in the mountains we only 
get a few inches of frost depth in the soil where as down in the 
valleys they plan on several feet of frost depth. That is due to the 
early snows which in turn insulate the earth and protect a lot of plant 
and animal life.

Also, it may be easier to grow the stock in Alabama and then sell it to 
colder areas where it might survive but not thrive (hopefully - Purple 
Loose Strife anyone?). I suspect this is a big issue.


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