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Thu Sep 9 20:37:41 EDT 2004

Neglected to add that the bigger diameter stuff (if cold-hardy) is the 
most useful spectrum of bamboo society---unless you are weaving hurdles, 
wall-panels and the like.




http://www.senckenberg.de/private/dkovac/bamboo.htm (bamboo waterwheel 
pump and bamboo irrigation pipes.

http://www.swicofil.com/bambrotexenduses.html  (bamboo woven and 
non-woven textiles)

http://bambooworld.com/mostused.htm  (some bamboo applications you've 
never thought about, and if grown in Canada it has to be cold-hardy.)
http://www.logicsouth.com/~lcoble/dir9/bamboo.txt  (eat em up)

(government website, but lots of luch trying to reach it during normal 

http://www.bamboogiant.com/html/bamboo_uses.html  (you got obnoxious 
neighbors and a zoning restriction of five feet on fences---make them 
both invisible with a bamboo fence, just be sure to put in a rhizome 
barfier first.)

http://www.akha.org/content-50.html  (grow your own delicious grubs)
(bamboo books, grow your own house)

(Venu Bharati)

(non-pressurized diffusion vertical soak with borates to extend the 
untreated service life of structural bamboo (three years)

http://www.americanbamboo.org/SpeciesSourceList.html  (American 
Bamboo.org species nomenclature and source list)
(the cold-hardy list)

(picture of architectural bamboo grove)

http://www.desertdomes.com/bamboo.html  (bamboo domes, formulas, calculator)

http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/bamboo.html  (ATTRA great source of 
information on bamboo and any other farm-related topic, including the 
essential Temperate Bamboo Quarterly listed below from "the farm", one 
of earliest agrosurvival groups and still highly useful.)

Temperate Bamboo Quarterly
Sue and Adam Turtle
30 Myers Road
Summertown, TN 38483
/Cost: $28/4 issues per year

http://www.networkearth.org/naturalbuilding/bamboo.html  (Oscar Hidalgo 
in Colombia,lifetime devotion to bamboo and its uses, particularly 
architectural---a must-read website)

(popular Bali bamboo chair---looks a bit too crude for me---could be 
vastly improved by casting iron fasteners, and secure the advantage of 
KD (knockdown) compact shipping and consumer assembly of the kit---you 
could do the same with willow which is easier to grow in northern climates.)

http://www.travelinged.org/archive_david_2004/000322.html  (David's 
downloads on architectural bamboo, good photos)

http://www.rainforestinfo.org.au/good_wood/bamboo.htm  (good website, 
but disappointed they didn't dwell on use of bamboo as poison-tipped 
arrows--maybe they ran out of curare frogs or toads.)

*Structure & Design*

As proof of its viability, the Costa Rican Government has introduced an 
educational construction program, building 6,000 bamboo houses every 
year. Constructed of Guadua bamboo, from plantations established only 
eight years ago, they are designed to eliminate the often high 
death-toll from Costa Rica's frequent earthquakes. Unlike Bali's elegant 
tropical designs, Costa Rica's innovative structures are 
indistinguishable from conventional houses, with exterior and interior 
rendering supported by the superbly strong and flexible bamboo frames, 
giving superior insulation qualities.

Whilst simple temporary structures are easily built, permanent, 
strongly-built houses that comply with Council standards can be 
constructed if the intending builder takes the time to learn some of the 
necessary basic skills and procedures required. As an example, good 
design involves simple bracing triangulation and load-direction 
placement of members, together with an adequate understanding of the 
different joining systems available for both lightly and heavily laden 
columns and beams. Columns, beams and truss members need not be limited 
to single bamboo culms (ie, timbers), as massively strong members can be 
constructed using multiple culms pinned and lashed together.

(species to site matching data in pdf format)

http://www.primitiveways.com/bamboo_rice_cooker.html  (how to boil your 
rice in a section of bamboo---wrap the rice in a banana leaf and stuff 
it in the bamboo section, which in turn is simply thrust in a wood or 
charcoal fire.)

http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/apr272004/spt15.asp  (I don't 
think a hell of a lot of multi-story anything, nothing but killer 
firetraps and stairwells, but the use of structural bamboo is fine)
(drawn coarse bamboo fiber from China factory--think about what you 
could make and sell with that as a base and get rich quick---no competitors)

http://www.wku.edu/~smithch/wallace/S027.htm  (I will attest to the 
flavor of Durian, but though I like honey, never had such a passion for 
it that I would follow the Dyak practice of climbing an 80-foot tree 
trunk to get it.  Buth the Dyak use of bamboo throughout their 
stilt-houses is splendid in a tropical or semi-tropical climate where 
ventilation must come both from the floor and wall-openings.)

http://www.siu.edu/~ebl/leaflets/bamboo.htm  (yes, you can drill wells 
with bamboo culms---try that with any other tree)

https://www.vedamsbooks.com/no32842.htm  (pretty pricey book on my old 
stamping grounds. the Chin hills of Assam. wotj 400 inches of rain per 
year and where the snap, crackle and pop of bamboo growing one to two 
feet per night will keep you awake in your mosquito net hammock.)

http://www.nativeflutes.com/songbird.html  (guy comes around to the 
Roanoke Farmers Market Square making and selling bamboo flutes.  You 
have to be a flautist to use them, so the market is a bit thin, but 
maybe he lives a bit more modestly than the rest of us.)

http://www.hennesseyingalls.com/architecture/9588156068.htm  (no 
structure has the feel-good aura of an open, airy, well-lit bamboo and 
thatch structure like the Cabane Choucoune adjacent to the Hotel 
Choucoune in Petionville, Haiti, where I kept a suite for several years 
as alternate residence to a house in Duqueni whose frigid pool backed up 
to a mountain spring, its water running constantly through the house 
water supply lines and thence into the pool.

Warning, thatch roofs are flammable as hell, and loved by rats---that's 
ok rats are loved by  King Snakes, keep a pair in your roof and forget 
about any rats.  Don't know whether the Hotel Choucoune and Cabane 
Choucoune in Petionville still exist.  I know the old wooden Olafsson 
still does in Port au Prince---used to be the favorite hangout of chess 
addicts and foreign journalists.  Intentionally run down like a pair of 
well-worn shoes. Makes occupants feel at home like going back to the old 
family farmhouse on weekends.
http://www.buildersbooksource.com/cgi-bin/booksite/20169.html  (think 
this is duplicated somewhere here, but couldn't risk leaving it 
out---Villegas New Bamboo---a fine book)
http://www.chelseagreen.com/2000/items/433  (and Chelsea Green is an 
always-good book source on all things buildig)

(grow your own house book review)

http://www.bambooliving.com/  (beautiful bamboo houses in Maui)

http://www.jademountainbamboo.com/html/info/faqs.asp  (Jade Mounain is 
not as useful as it used to be, but some good notes on growing bamboo)

http://www.worldbamboo.org/bamboo.htm  (bamboo grows to its full mature 
height in three months---try to beat that with anything else on a 

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