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Wed Sep 8 19:28:30 EDT 2004

Eric Hall wrote:

>For the past few weeks I've been watching this forum with some kind of ... well ... laughter, I suppose, at the quaint postings from the American press, who obviously have some kind of "hang-up" with Moslems. 

tvoivozhd---yeah it's the sort of hang-up you get when Moslems make two 
attempts to blow up three thousand people, the last one successful.  
Haven't had any attacks by any other sect, white, black, brown, yellow 
or zebra. 

>I suppose that since Americans can no longer persecute and racialise blacks, and Jews were always a no-no, then there has to be someone to hate. 

tvoivozhd---they can and do persecute blacks---the persecution is not as 
lethal as it was as recently as the 1960's, and  your profound ignorance 
and lack of research relating to Jews in the U.S accounts for your wild 
misstatement (that's polite for lies).  You are one of those to whom 
invented facts are better than real ones. 

When I was young, Jews would not be hired by any Christian employer.  
They were widely and thinly dispersed.  Every town of ten thousand had 
one, socially isolated, and vilified as a "Sheenie", employing 
themselves by roaming the streets in early morning hours with a 
wheelbarrow, calling out for "bottles", "bones", and the like.  Our Jew 
in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin was the Timkin family.  Ironically, the 
prejudice and ostracism made Timkin and his counterparts rich---junk 
collector was too degrading an occupation for other Americans, so the 
Jewish junkyards swelled in size, value and earning power, enabling Jews 
to make the next transition in America---first group to feverishly 
embrace the upper level of education as an economic alternative to 
owning a junkyard, ergo Jewish lawyers, doctors, and movie moguls 
dominated their chosen professions.

>While the seige in Beslan was going on, the Americans were killing three innocent children in a rocket attack on a civilian house in Iraq. How many column inches did that get in the American press?

tvoivozhd---a-w-w-w, how pathetic, civilians get killed in wars between 
combatants.  How did you ever stumble across that gem of information?  
Your tiny store of information excludes the Battle of Britain, the 
obliteration of Dresden and Hamburg (whose civilian population ground 
out the German bombs, artillery shells, bombers, fighters, V-I and V-2 
rockets, tanks, food, clothing and medicine without which Hitler could 
not have survived more than a month or two.)

And your tiny store of information doesn't include U.S. slogging up the 
island chain from Manila to Okinawa, where a half million Japs were 
killed in the last five months of the Pacific War alone, together with 
thousands of island natives whose food they stole and whom they 
convinced that we would boil them with our rice---jumping off cliffs, 
seemed a better alternative.

And of course that tiny store of disinformation deliciously discredits 
the killing of war-essential civilitans (and military) in Hiroshima and 
Nagasaki---you would prefer a head-on amphibian assault where we 
expected to lose a million men and the Japs three million on beaches 
running in blood..

>Since the struggle for Chetchen independence over the last ten years, between 17,000 and 24,000 children (depending on where you draw the definition of a child) have been killed by the Russians. How many column inches did that get in the American newspapers?

tvoivozhd---a lot of it, when the U.S. government,  was living under the 
delusion that Chechens could be sweet-talked out of bombing theaters and 

>You talk about the Chechens fighting the Russians in the last war and so many thousands deported. Yet Finland not only fought against the Russians in the last war, they were actually allies of the Germans as they too fought for independence. "Deport them!" I hear you cry. "Er .... hang on a minute - the Finns are white, and Christians too. Hold your foot up there a minute, son 

tvoivozhd---you really have a talent for regurgitating  bullshit.  Finns 
never fought the U.S. in WWII or in its aftermath.  Nor did the Germans 
in its aftermath---your mindless and invented fixation with skin color 
is wildly irrelevant.  Evidently you do not know the Germans were and 
are white, and we were perilously close for fifty years to war with the 
Russians, most  of which are as white as the Viking Yuri Dolgoryki who 
traveled the Volga  from the Baltic to the Black Sea, and  founded Kiev 
as the first capital of "Rus".

>But I wonder if you've ever given any thought as to the fact that maybe it's BECAUSE of the treament meted out to the Chechens in the last war that has made them fight so desperately for their freedom? Whan your back's to the wall and you've nowhere else to go, you'll be amazed at how much power you can find withiin yourself to resist.

tvoivozhd---unless you receive the Stalin treatment are are all dead.  
You would be amazed how being dead ends revolts forever.  Your lack of 
education keeps you ignorant of Carthage, its residents killed by the 
Romans, structures razed to the ground and salt strewn on the soil so 
nothing could be grown for generations to come.

>You Americans are in no position to criticise the Chechens for targeting children when you are targeting them yourselves.

tvoivozhd---yeah, sure---we got rid of Saddam by ignoring the 
Presidential Guard and Hammurabi Division and concentrated on killing 
children---they can be dangerous if they hit you with a bottle full of milk.

>But the biggest shock to the American system will come when the Americans realise that they are alone in this crusade (yes, even the bushbaby knows what a crusade is) against the Moslems. And the Americans are only 5% of the world's population. The rest of the world hates the Americans just as much as the Moslems do, and if it ever really does come to "you're either with us or against us", then you can count on people like me and the countless other Canadians, Europeans, Asiastics, and South Americans to be in the trenches with the Moslems to resist the Fascist invader. And we outnumber you by 19 to 1, remember.

trvoivozhd---not bruudy rikery---people with big mouths like you do not 
constitute a threat and would never, never get in harms way in the 
future, and of course never did in the past.  Nothing like being consistent.

>Now, if you want to talk about homesteading on a "homesteading" list, then we're with you all the way and we can all have some happy clappy conversation and discussion about rearing poultry and the best way to sharpen our implements. No problems there at all.
>But if you want to use a "homesteading" list (with its contributors from all over the world) as a personal platform to expound pro-American fascism and racism, then you should know better. And you shouldn't be at all surprised if you get subjected to some fierce criticism.

tvoivozhd---"fierce criticism"  how precious---from which nonentity?

>"Naturally, the common people don't want war; But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship, But, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country." 

trvoivozhd---that's the only thing you've said which is true.  If you 
are being attacked it is self-evident you are being attacked. Even our 
Maximum Leader has no problem  riding the attack for the advantage (and 
no sacrifice whatsoever) of  his chosen economically elite winners of 
the class warfare battle being waged in the U.S.

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