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Can you provide cites that show that the pay relative to the cost of living
was "much" higher than today?

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> In my case, the quality of education depended upon the quality of the
> teacher, all the way from first grade through college, and particularly
> in high school, on the quality of the high school principal, who had
> free rein in choosing an outstanding staff of teachers.  He was
> certainly aided by the fact that teachers were relatively much higher
> paid than today---attracting the best as in any other business other
> than education.  In the 1930's, administrators did not blot up the
> majority of education funds to defund teachers---Depression Era taxes
> had to be focussed on essentials---real essentials.  All books were
> provided by the school, not as an expense loaded upon parents as today,
> and recognizing that food is essential for mental acuity, as well as the
> fact that some students might only get one meager meal a day, all
> students in Wisconsin got morning milk and some kind of solid food, and
> because of the mineral deficiency in Wisconsin soil, iodine tablets.

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