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Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Sep 7 12:44:30 EDT 2004

Some types of forests "may" be a renewable resource if properly managed by
some "good" foresters.  Unfortunately, not all forests are created equal nor
are all foresters created equal.

Like statistics and polls, supposed "facts" on what has been "managed" and
how there are more acres in "forests" are manipulated facts.  Vitaculturists
call much of what is being used in those "facts" false forests.  They aren't
"forests" but rather tree farms or plantations.  Planting more trees doesn't
equal a total of more trees that are actually going to end up as usable

Before one judges how successful all these "managed" supposed "forests" are,
come take a plane ride (there is a company that offers just such a service)
over the supposedly "managed" renewable resources west of the Rockies.  What
you will see is what looks like an atomic bomb has been dropped.  When you
go in on 7% or steeper grades, clear cut, Oust and then come in a few years
later and plant fingerlings you do NOT get a forest or anything that even
vaguely resembles a renewable resource unless you are going to be here a
couple of thousand years from now.  You canNOT farm a redwood!

Now, if they went back to cutting those redwoods at 6' or higher off the
ground and stopped clear cutting and stopped spraying and used fire instead,
you might have a renewable resource.

And, some places such as Headwaters are not being "managed" but do allow
limited numbers of folks to walk through them.  They do provide that
educational and spiritual space for folks.

If you want to see a forest that is dying that has been managed by foresters
and used for recreation, go visit Yosemite!

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> >  "Forest" without foresters
> >(and without humans, period)
> >is *not* "useless".
> A forest sequesters carbon, produces oxygen, causes rainfall to be
> percolated to aquifers, provides habitat for insects, plants and animals.
> forest without foresters provides no forestry products for humans. This is
> a waste of a valuable renewable resource. A forest held off-limits to
> humans provides no educational, recreational or spiritual opportunity.
> is a waste.
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