[Homestead] Eskimo culture doomed by global warming

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Mon Sep 6 15:55:42 EDT 2004


And so are low-level islands, the mangrove swamps required to incubate 
saltwater fish, several billion humans that live in low-lying coastal 
areas like Bengal Province---and in the U.S., Texas, Alabama, Missippi, 
Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South  Caroline, North Carolina, Virginia, 
Maryland, Rhode Island, New York et.al.

Not to worry, our "Environment President" has brought his enormous 
intellect to bear on the problem and has concluded it is too trivial to 
merit mention, mush less the obvious and achievable sequestering of 
carbon as a means of  halting global warming.

He's the kind of guy that would run on the rims instead of patching a 
flat tire.

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