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Don Bowen don.bowen at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 5 21:26:31 EDT 2004

At 9/5/2004, you wrote:

>I've been out building a table. I had some scrap 3/4 ply (the top), some 
>1x4 (undertable support) and a couple of 33" long 2x6es and a gallon of 
>Titebond wood glue (after a long discussion on a woodworking list Titebond 
>looked like a good choice. I buy it by the gallon as this small bottles 
>just go too fast). Looked like enough to me!

Titebond has a shelf life of about a year.  It starts pouring sort of ropy, 
it is still usable but the bond is not as good and the open time gets 
unpredictable.  I used to get the gallon and pour it onto some smaller 
containers.  Now I get the quart size and work out of the bottle with some 
poured into a single smaller bottle.  That way is is mostly fresh and I 
avoid the hassle of pouring.

I buy toe Titebond II in smaller bottles on a per job basis.  As I do very 
little requiring a water proof glue that works out well.  I do not like 
working with it as much as the non water proof Titebond and it can be a 
mess to clean up.

I recently tried a small sample bottle of Gorilla Glue.  It was messy but 
worked well in the application.  It was a redwood divider frame.  The glue 
held this difficult to glue wood in place.  You have to dampen the surfaces 
to be joined and the foaming glue squeeze out must be wiped up immediately.

I have not tried Titebond III but will look at it when the bottle on the 
bench empties.

Don Bowen
Awl Knotted Up Woodworking
Valley Center, CA             http://www.braingarage.com

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