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clhw clhw at InfoAve.Net
Sun Sep 5 18:50:45 EDT 2004

A very meager attempt to differentiate between "spiritual" and "religious":

"Spiritual" means of or pertaining to the spirit. A spirit is an
intangible. Some cultures define it as attitude; life force; other than
carnal. Others consider a spirit to be non-worldly; perhaps even
ghost-like. Some claim that people can get a glimpse of a spirit as it
leaves a body. They would probably distinguish between body, mind and
spirit/soul. To be a spiritual person may mean that one dwells on thoughts
which are not necessarily pragmatic or practical; esoteric.

"Religious" or, as was originally used "organized religion", means a system
of belief, or may describe a person who adheres to a system of belief. A
person can religiously brush their teeth, meaning they do it frequently,
thoroughly, and with a system. An organized religion usually has ritual,
observances, a prescribed approach to a deity, a theology, a priesthood
(some call them pastors or ministers).

A person can be concerned with the questions of "why am I here?", "what is
the purpose of my life", 'what happens to my intellect when I die", etc.,
and be said to be concerned with spiritual things.

On the other hand, a person can attribute a religious significance to the
modesty of their clothing, the honesty of their dealings, the quality of
the food they eat (kashrut), attendance at religious services, and not be
in the least spiritual, merely religious.

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