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Sun Sep 5 16:42:54 EDT 2004

? Get where ? "Get" implies tangibility - the
various types of "heavens" are *not tangible*.
And since no one has come back to tell
us pro or con (no dead person nor any dead
prophet/Mohammed/Jesus/Buddha whomever)
I *really* do not understand *what* all this
"afterlife" stuff is about .... One would think
that after centuries of "no return" ... oh, well.

"Get where" to me means feeling at peace with being a small speck in a big 
universe. I used to feel hyper-responsible....as if all the world's and my 
family's problems depended on me *doing* something about them. Now I feel that each 
person, no matter who they are or what they do is part of the puzzle. Some 
are great mentors and examples, others are horrible warnings. We learn something 
from each. That's what keeps me reading this list ;-)

My favorite book about the after-life is "Embraced By The Light". 

I have clinically died twice. I clearly felt I had the choice to come or go. 
It doesn't even matter to me if I was hallucinating and dreamt it all up! I 
experienced it and have had greater clarity and peace ever since. I *KNOW* life 
can end at any moment and today is very important. 

Wendy (wsm311 at aol.com)
Peace and Carrots Farm
Maple Corner, Vermont
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