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Subject : Fundamentalist - - - fundament - alist ....
hmmmm - .... dictionary definition :

fundament  ..... from Latin fundus

fundus ............n, plural (fun)di, Anatomy. The inner
.....................basal surface of an organ farthest away 
.....................from the opening

Sounds like a fundamentalist is (cover the eyes and ears
of the innocent children to preserve their innocence) an asshole ....

Wendy wrote :http://www.religioustolerance.org/flds.htm<http://www.religioustoleranceorg/flds.htm>

> I've been reading up on these people since Tvo sent the article. The whole thing gives me chills!

Well, Wendy, the first *ad* aimed at Barbie-izing/
Stepford Wives-ing women -

- the second is *monster networking* .... LOL (but ruefully)

> I never knew if my original Mormon statement/question made it through to the list. 

It did. I remember ....

(snip) I think we all long to have a connection to a power greater than ourselves. 

Being responsibly adult *is* scary and it *would*
be nice to be able to depend on somebody/
something other than ourselves ............

> There are sure a lot of ways to get there! 

? Get where ? "Get" implies tangibility - the
various types of "heavens" are *not tangible*.
And since no one has come back to tell
us pro or con (no dead person nor any dead
prophet/Mohammed/Jesus/Buddha whomever)
I *really* do not understand *what* all this
"afterlife" stuff is about .... One would think
that after centuries of "no return" ... oh, well.

> I am not a fan of organized religion. I prefer to keep it spiritual and private. 

Perhaps defining "spiritual" and "religious"
as *not equal to each other* *would* provide 
some insight to people who cannot do that 
for themselves .... I couldn't, not for *years*.

> Much of the rest seems like a matter of power, control, and money collecting. 


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