[Homestead] The Usury Business, How To Avoid Going To Jail

clanSkeen sgian at planetc.com
Sun Sep 5 08:24:41 EDT 2004

>> sorry, not always true.
>> It only takes a few wins to set precedent,

>When you're outta money with one -
>how does "a few" help you ?

Ah, well of course if we're talking about getting yourself in such a fix
that your entire assets in the world are to stand on the street with your
pockets turned out, I guess you *would* have a hard time getting
representation in court.   A very good argument, that, to not let yourself
get into such a fix to begin with.  Decisions do have consequences.

Of course the person who gives attention to make sure they don't become
insolvent altogether probably isn't singing up for dubious credit cards to
begin with, eh?

Amazing how these things work themselves out.


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