[Homestead] Kiddy Credit Cards

Walter H.Jeffries Highlands at blacklightning.com
Sat Sep 4 21:04:55 EDT 2004

On Sep 4, 2004, at 8:33 PM, Lee Flier wrote:
> Walter H.Jeffries wrote:
>> When a credit card expires I punch holes in it to remove the numbers 
>> and destroy the magnetic strip (which I also pass a magnet over). 
>> Then I punch one hole up in the upper left corner and add it to a set 
>> of cards on a ring. This is a great child's toy. They're also handy 
>> for scraping the inside glass of aquariums, counter tops, 
>> windshields, shimming and all sorts of stuff. :)
> If you cut them to the right shape they make dandy guitar picks, too. 
> :)

Ooo... I hadn't thought of that one. My middle son and wife play banjo! 
Thanks for the idea. So, what other good creative uses can people come 
up with for old credit cards?


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