[Homestead] "Forest" vs timber/lumber

Toni Hawryluk tonihawr at msn.com
Sat Sep 4 12:33:33 EDT 2004

> If all you nice people want to stop sniping and become better informed about sustainable forestry, check out:

I did, Gene. Here's what I found :

>>>Pioneer Forest offers outstanding recreational opportunities<http://www.pioneerforest.com/PF_Recreation.html> 
>>>for day-hikes, 
>>>forest drives, 
>>>overnight backpacking, 
>>>and long-distance hiking. 

- - - but I don't see what mashing the
topsoil/tree food six ways from Sunday 
has to do with "sustainable". Forestry. 
Except to continue to provide "plants" 
for people  to frolic in/around/past/under. 
Hmmm. Nope. Not my definition of forestry.

> I had the pleasure of having the manager of Pioneer Forest come to Heartwood and make recommendations. One smart forester.

?? Manager, yes - forester ??


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