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Sat Sep 4 12:16:36 EDT 2004

Walter typed:
> I do sustainable forestry management. 

*Management* is an indication to me that
what you have, you *work* on.

*You*, (me, us) being human, are one
of the shortlived species.

Your "trees* have something in common
with you/me/us - since you are looking at 
a "lifespan" of approximately 40 years, I 
believe was your harvest outlook ? But
then I don't know how "old" your oldest
trees might be .... ??

When I think of sequoias, ?? 2000 years,
and bristlecone pines, ?? 3500 years, 
together with the fact that populations
have spread out *from* the East Coast,
*using up trees as they went*, I see a
difference in our thinking about "Forest".

> You have at your finger tips, in books and the web, a world of information. Educate yourself.

If you will do the same ?  I suggest :

"The Work of Nature" ISBN 1-55963-520-7

- I learned a lot. Made me sad, when I
"looked" at what humans do to "Forest".

"A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines" ISBN 1-55963-051-5

- showed me where *some* "management" 
(here I must include that deal-breaker
"clear-cutting") along with the nurseries 
continues to profit from selling aggressively 
invading plants that are helping the 
clearcutters do away with "Forest" as well 
as *native* trees and plants. 

> It shows a rigidity in your thinking. 

"Methinks thou dost protest too much."  <g>
But then, I could be wrong, right ? Or
should I have said "correct" ? 

> Ease up and try to clear your mind a bit before you go forward. You could learn a lot that way. It is okay.

Indeed, yes. Stress is a bad manager. ! Bad Dog !!

But to get back to "educate yourself" ?
I'm willing if you are - please supply your 
definition of "sustainable" ? Because I've 
heard several-to-many "versions", from 
clearcutting/replanting through tree "farms"
through horse-logging to using helicopters - 
the helicopters lifted out the trees without 
disturbing the topsoil/leaf mould only by the
weight and scuffling of humans, while the 
horse-logger did his "dragging" in the winter 
time over snow-pack, which also preserved 
somewhat the many layers of "Forest"s 
"food-supply" (from its topsoil).


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