[Homestead] Welfare, was "Forest" vs timber/lumber

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sat Sep 4 11:34:15 EDT 2004

Walter, dear, (said in the best southern manner) my family (father,
grandfathers, great-grandfathers, uncles, cousins and in-laws) have been in
the timber business on the west coast since the mid 1800s.  AND, I have
quite a few relatives in the business in the midwest, south and on the east
coast.  That includes the ownership of several quarter sections.  I was
raised in timber and have been actively fighting non-sustainable and land
destructive logging for over 30 years.  My family doesn't clear cut, doesn't
log on grades over 4% and doesn't log within 100 yards of water sources.  We
selectively cut, don't spray,  we replant and not fingerlings!

Now, you folks in the east and south with your little trees can play at
growing "forests" with trees you farm like loblollies and slash pine.  Could
be why your tree farms and planations out there are referred to in the
industry as "false forests."  *Real* trees don't mature in 40 years and the
diversity of a forest of *real* trees is NOT something you can duplicate
once it has been destroyed by man.

I would suggest that you get your nose out of books and off the net and take
some educational lessons from *real* forests and real life.

The FACTS are that the tariffs are a form of WELFARE.  So are the free roads
and the $2 trees.  So is what Canada does on their side of the border.
However, Canada has done that in response to the corporate welfare and
tariffs on THIS side of the border!  In the long run and even the short
term, the average Joe Citizen gets it in the *ss both coming and going--they
are the ones paying out the nose to support the welfare with their tax money
and again when they go to build a house.

And speaking of broadbrushing, perhaps you might want to go back and read
your posts where you make lots of all encompassing statements which were
refutiated with facts such as all the large timber companies aren't on the
west coast and small timber companies aren't the only folks that own their
land.  I did notice you didn't address those issues.  Hmmmm, wouldn't be
because they don't agree with what your self-serving "facts"???

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From: Walter H.Jeffries <Highlands at blacklightning.com>

> Nice try, when you can't be constructive you turn to dismissive.
> No Lynda I'm not 'THE expert', but I do know a bit about this topic
> since I do sustainable forestry management. I was suggesting that you
> get educated before you make false broad blanket statements like you've
> been doing. You have at your finger tips, in books and the web, a world
> of information. Educate yourself.
> It is sad when you respond to a valid discussion and opposition to your
> ideas with remarks like this. It shows a rigidity in your thinking.
> Ease up and try to clear your mind a bit before you go forward. You
> could learn a lot that way. It is okay.
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