[Homestead] Military transition and Home Security

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Sat Sep 4 13:44:59 EDT 2004

Toni Hawryluk wrote:

> Tvo wrote
> > Guerrilla warfare requires shift from slow, massive buildups on foreign
> bases (which may not be available), to rapid deployment of small, fast
> high-impact units based on naval vessels and/or  nations dependent on
> U.S. for theri security (forget about Europe except for Britain).
> Indeed. So - "who's minding the store" here in
> the U.S. while the same process is no doubt
> going on *here* - and has been since ??
> - and I don't mean 9-11 when it flexed its
> muscles for what may not have been the first
> time but certainly "got attention".
> Toni
While I regard Bush as a bumbling idiot, I don't know how much his 
successor will deviate from what will certainly be a continuing threat, 
perhaps for centuries, since it is basically a return to Middle Ages 
religious wars---the only cure for which is total elimination of 
instutionalized religion, and you know how likely that is---only in 
Soviet Russia were institutionalized religions extirpated or 
infiltrated, totally controlled and eliminated as a source of guerrilla 
warfare.  Only since the savage repression of institutionalized religion 
has ceased, has religious guerrilla warfare resumed in 
Russia---stimulated by mild tit-for-tat reprisal in Chechen areas, 
tit-for-tat is a formula for endless war.

There will never be enough money or people to guard a huge perimeter.  
Such guarding as goes on, is only against the most likely targets (big 
valuable ones).  Seventy five hundred miles of border is basically a 
sieve---some hi-tech ground and aerial observation equipment is starting 
to be designed and used, so roving border police can pounce on invaders.

Stopping and inspecting vehicle traffic is an economic 
impossibility---all business would come to a halt.  Vehicular bombs will 
be used since they are indistinguishable from innocuous family 
automobiles and look-alike vans and tractor-trailer rigs.

Incoming deck cargo containers are another obvious threat, very 
difficult to inspect because of sheer volume and the fact that they 
originate all over the world.  I regard it as inevitable that these will 
be deployed as nuclear, high explosive or bioweapon delivery systems..

If I were in the guerrila warfare business, I would pick any one of  the 
worst cattle diseases, incubate and weaponize it in my kitchen, collect 
half a dozen buddies in stolen automobiles, and hit feedlots around the 
country---presto, the cattle business is gone overnight, probably never 
to return on any but local scale.

Another certain-to-be employed tactic is to shoot down airliners---big 
747's and Airbuses, not Piper Cubs.  Rent an apartment with windows 
facing the take-off path, and any old shoulder-held rocket-propelled 
projectile will do.  If you have a guerrilla cell with five or six 
members, you can time-coordinate their efforts to being as many big 
planes down simultaneously---five to seven hundred passengers in each, 
same size event as far as killing people is concerned, as the Twin Towers.

All this is to emphasize that in the military business, everyone in a 
command position knows that defense is not possible against a determined 
offense, when the latter can choose the time and place.

Unfortunately we have evolved no guerrilla attack strategy, other than 
thinking about small, mobile, high-impact attack units.
A successful attack strategy would take out host countries supplying 
safe houses, easy transit and money, money, money.
With little fear of reprisal, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia have conducted a 
proxy war against Israel, utilizing a religiously brainwashed 
Palestinian populace under the control of Arafat, Al Aksa, Hamas, 
Hezbollah et. al, ever since 1948. 

The clear lesson is that proxy wars and guerrilla cells are a safe, easy 
to employ strategy---there is no reason to abandon them since there is 
no effective response employed or contemplated.

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