[Homestead] "Forest" vs timber/lumber

Walter H.Jeffries Highlands at blacklightning.com
Sat Sep 4 09:34:26 EDT 2004

On Sep 4, 2004, at 2:50 AM, Lynda wrote:
> Pssst, Toni, don't bother.  Walter is THE expert on all trees even 
> though
> his experience would seem to be limited to overgrown shrubs and 
> wannabee
> trees none of which will ever reach an age of centuries <<eg>>

Nice try, when you can't be constructive you turn to dismissive.

No Lynda I'm not 'THE expert', but I do know a bit about this topic 
since I do sustainable forestry management. I was suggesting that you 
get educated before you make false broad blanket statements like you've 
been doing. You have at your finger tips, in books and the web, a world 
of information. Educate yourself.

It is sad when you respond to a valid discussion and opposition to your 
ideas with remarks like this. It shows a rigidity in your thinking. 
Ease up and try to clear your mind a bit before you go forward. You 
could learn a lot that way. It is okay.

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