[Homestead] "Forest" vs timber/lumber

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sat Sep 4 02:50:14 EDT 2004

Pssst, Toni, don't bother.  Walter is THE expert on all trees even though
his experience would seem to be limited to overgrown shrubs and wannabee
trees none of which will ever reach an age of centuries <<eg>>

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> On Sep 3, 2004, at 1:41 PM, Toni Hawryluk wrote:
> > Walter typed : The new trees are coming along nicely and in 40 years
> > we'll be able to harvest logs there again.
> >
> > Walter is *very* obviously
> >  *not* referring to "Forest*
> >  in any way, shape, or form,
> >  since that implies a variety of trees
> >  with their various levels of overstory, etc.
> > "useful" or not,
> > over *centuries*.
> Wrong Toni. Our forest have many layers and ages of trees, a great
> diversity of plants and animals. I suggest you learn about forestry so
> you'll be more informed for such a discussion. As it is you don't know
> what your talking about.

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