[Homestead] Chickens & Poison Ivy

Marie McHarry mmcharry at dtnspeed.net
Thu Sep 2 23:59:03 EDT 2004

Toni asked about getting immunity to poison ivy:


>I wonder : would an inoculation/transfusion of 

>kinfolks blood carry antibodies/immunity in it ??


I don't know this from personal experience because my goats cleared off all
the poison ivy on the place in days (and that was many years ago), but other
goat owners have told me (and I've read in various places) that if you drink
milk from goats who've been eating poison ivy your sensitivity will be


Hmmmmm, if I was sure it worked I'd cultivate the ivy and sell the milk at a


I'm sensitive, but not terribly so. My father was immune. Early in their
marriage, my mother took lunch out to him in the field and sat down next to
his water jug, which - it later was discovered - was in a large patch of
poison ivy. Though she'd grown up on a farm, she'd never seen the stuff
before. She had a horrible case back before prednisone was a possibility. I
learned early on what it looked like and avoided it, so whether immune or
not I never had a problem (though I did get mild rashes from time to time).



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