[Homestead] Strong language, feeble actions, Hightower

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Thu Sep 2 20:58:18 EDT 2004




Have you noticed that one of the Bushite's favorite words is "robust?" 
It implies vigor, action, power. It's a manly sort of word that they 
punch out of their mouths like a fist.

They've been using the word a lot lately to buff up George's image as an 
unrelenting foe of terrorism, who is battling every aspect of the global 
terrorist network. The President is "robust" in his commitment, they 
bark at anyone who dares question Bush's actions or inactions.

Yet there's one aspect of battling terrorism that the Bushites have 
gotten downright wimpy about: Tracking down the money that finances the 
global network. While George himself has talked big about rooting out 
the "evil doers" who put the money up for terrorist attacks, this is not 
an area that the big banks and some of our supposed allies really want 
to have deeply investigated.

So, Bush very quietly zeroed out a request by the IRS to increase by 
half the number of investigators it has to follow the money trail of 
terrorism. This is painstaking work that requires substantial staff with 
the expertise, time, and backing to do the job. But in his latest 
budget, which George hailed as evidence of his "robust" pursuit of the 
bad guys, there is zero funding for the 80 additional criminal 
investigators requested by the IRS.

This would not have come to light at all except that it was mentioned in 
one sentence on the last page of a routine report to an obscure 
congressional subcommittee by an even more obscure IRS oversight board. 
Bush's defunding of IRS's financial diggers was caught by one alert 
committee member, Rep. Earl Pomeroy, who has since been directing some 
very "robust" questions to the White House.

A Bush PR flack responded that the treasury department, of which the IRS 
is a part, got an overall budget increase, which, she says, 
"demonstrates [Bush's] robust commitment" to tracking terrorist money. 
But since that still doesn't get the IRS the 80 agents it needs, I'd 
call that a "robust" dodge.


"I.R.S. Request for More Terrorist Investigators Is Denied," New York 
Times, March 31, 2004

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