[Homestead] Keith Addison: I am an unwitting porn purveyor

Lee Flier lflier at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 2 16:41:25 EDT 2004

Gene GeRue wrote:

> Keith, are you connected? One of the readers of my Complete Guide to 
> Country Living e-book at:
> http://www.ruralize.com/CompleteGuide.html
> alerted me to the fact that my "Poultry for small farmers," link to 
> your Journey To Forever site, instead goes to a menu of pornographic 
> sites. I checked, and she's right.


I just looked at your link and it's incorrect.  It links your readers to 
"http://jtforever.org" which does in fact go to a porn site. :)  Keith's 
site is at http://journeytoforever.org .  If you just change the URL all 
should be fine.


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