[Homestead] Ceramics

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Thu Sep 2 18:54:48 EDT 2004

sasha wrote:

>Yeah,but I cant unerstnd french ,what is it about?
>On Tuesday 31 August 2004 11:55 pm, Tvoivozhd wrote:
>>Yeah, if you don't have gas or electricity, you can use a solar furnace
>>to fire your ceramic designs.
The text shows little or no detail of the ceramic furnace, other than 
the insulated lower half and the trransparent solar lid which swings up 
out of the way so you can put in ceramics and take them out.  The 
picture does not show the solar concentrator which shines through the 
lid to raise the heat within.

Principle is the same as a funnel-type solar cooker, except that the 
wide portion of the funnel determines the amount of solar heat the 
funnel collects.  A solar concentrator (fresnel, dish)  would vzstly 
increase the temperature at the lower end---enough to make it suitable 
for firing ceramics, provided you insulated the oven-end to keep heat 
from escaping, and metal from melting.

Only the picture is interesting, knowledge of  French, or a translator 
is unnecessary.

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