[Homestead] The Usury Business, How To Avoid Going To Jail

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Thu Sep 2 13:51:32 EDT 2004

Gene GeRue wrote:

> Now, Lisa, I hope you know that my comments are about the huge banking 
> interests, not the you's and me's of the business world. I have felt 
> good for 35 years about my roles in helping people find and acquire 
> the homes of their dreams.

Gene, I knew you didn't mean me personally.  I meant to add some sort of 
disclaimer, then got on my soapbox, fired off my message and forgot 
until I saw yours.  Sorry about that.  There are so many good people 
working in the industry overall who mean well and try hard to help 
consumers, I think I'd prefer if we could avoid stereotypes.  Yet I 
realize in that post I stereotyped the average American as being highly 
in debt and a vigorous consumer (I didn't include the list--thank 
I may be a pollyanna or an ostrich, but I believe it's just a few bad 
apples in the lending industry.  I don't like most of the new programs 
lenders provide, but consumers are using and requesting them.  By 
refusing to do them, I'm phasing myself out of the business. You can 
even get interest only adjustable loans from brand name lenders.  
Ultimately, we need better consumer education and it must begin in high 
school (or perhaps younger).  Maybe we can raise the next generation to 
abhor debt.  I'm working on it with my sons.  One can hope.  On a good 
day I'm filled with hope, on a bad day I fret about the election and 
nibble on dark chocolate. 



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