[Homestead] Homebuilders nightmare, Big Timber dream - Not

Walter H.Jeffries Highlands at blacklightning.com
Thu Sep 2 10:13:08 EDT 2004

On Sep 2, 2004, at 2:57 AM, Lynda wrote:
> Ah, the U.S. government pays for the building of logging roads, the 
> U.S.
> government sells "trees" at ridiculously low prices to big business 
> timber
> outfits such as Georgia Pacific, LP, PalCo, etc.  A lot of those 
> logging
> roads that the taxpayer is paying for are on private land.

Not all of the timber industry is the 'Big Timber'. On the east coast 
there a great many small timber operations, on private land, without 
any government subsidy, no government built logging roads, etc. I own 
our forest land, pay taxes on it, build and pay for my own logging 
roads without government subsidies. I do selective cutting of 
individual trees, small patch cuts and when it is time, over-story 
removal so the next generation grows tall and healthy. This is 
sustainable forestry. That is a totally different process than what 
'Big Timber' is doing out west on public lands and what is done in 
Canada. Don't confuse them and paint with so broad a brush. The import 
tariff is a good thing that helps to protect small timber producers, as 
well as 'Big Timber', against the subsidies that Canadian companies 

The give-away of trees to 'Big Timber' out west is unfortunate. The 
same happens in Canada. I would love the USA and Canadian governments 
did not subsidize the big timber (almost exclusively out west in the 
USA) because 'Big Timber' are my competitors. It would be nice if we 
had to play on a level field where they had to buy and own their own 
timber land and manage it sustain-ably instead of strip logging and 
clear cutting. That would be more fair and better for the environment. 
But don't confuse the issues of the tariffs which counter Canadian 
subsidies with the give away of trees to 'Big Timber'.

Realize that it would also jack up the price of building with a home. 
Tvo was complaining about the added $2,000 due to import tariffs. That 
is a minor cost in the building of a home and the Canadian import 
tariff should be there jacking up the price to make up for the Canadian 
subsidy, and a tariff should be charged on the western wood (i.e.. 
charge the timber companies the same prices they would have to pay if 
they were cutting on private land and buying the timber). They should 
no longer be allowed to clear cut the way they have in the past. That 
too would jack up the price of a new home. Are you willing to pay for 
sustainability? Logging is good, when done sustainably but it costs 
more. The forest is a renewable resource if properly managed, it keeps 
our trade balance, provides jobs, builds houses, etc. The way 'Big 
Timber' does it in the USA, Canada and elsewhere is not good. There are 
alternatives - support the timber industry that does sustainable 

You are painting the issue with too broad a brush and missing the 
details. Sad.

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