[Homestead] Illinois, eye of national mental health storm

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And who will be shrinking your child in p.s. next year?

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"As Illinois prepares to become the first state to implement President
Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, controversy is brewing
around the nation over its "Orwellian" mandates, as one observer called
them. "


"The Illinois Children's Mental Health Partnership, charged with putting
the Children's Mental Health Act into action and overseeing its
implementation, stated in its preliminary plan last month it will
"explore strategies for maximizing the purchase of psychotropic drugs
from the state Pharmacy at discount prices." 

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Stefan Kruszewski, a clinical professor of
psychiatry has filed a federal lawsuit against state officials and six
pharmaceutical companies, alleging they, "through the use of political
friendships, money and other emoluments, effectively achieved a level of
influence with Pennsylvania's state government that allowed them to
abuse state finances and state citizens with impunity." 

Kruszewski conducted medical reviews and appeals for the Pennsylvania
Department of Public Welfare and was a consultant for the Bureau of
Program Integrity. 

Kruszewski's lawsuit "centers upon making money at the expense of public
finances through the improper use of state employees and custodial
populations including dependent children." "

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