[Homestead] Chickens & Poison Ivy

Palmetto Builders PalmettoBuilders at charter.net
Wed Sep 1 14:36:22 EDT 2004

I think the only way you could get it is by touching the chickens when you
collect the eggs, and possibly touching their nests doing the same.


Goats will eat the poison oak/ivy, but then you can get the oils from their
fur. It's a very easy plant to kill using roundup or equivalent. If it's
ivy, growing up trees, etc., then you can mark the vines now, when the
leaves make it easy to identify, by spray painting the vine near the ground.
Then this winter take a hatchet and cut out a section of the trunk. It will
die from that point up, and you have a lot less risk of getting it on you
from dry vine sections.


Does anyone know anything about chickens & their eating of, and contact
with, Poison Ivy?

Do they eat it? If so, does it have any adverse affect upon the chickens &
their eggs?

Would a person be affected by the egg content because of their eating it?

I would suppose that a person could get affected by handling the chickens
and eggs after their foraging through a lot of it.

We have some new land that has a LOT of Poison Ivy on it.

Thanks, Paul & Bernice Hillman

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