[Homestead] Dr-r-r-r-r-um Roll, the Slepcev Storch

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Wed Sep 1 22:13:07 EDT 2004

steve oliphant wrote:

> Cool planes!!
> I like this one
> http://spratt.103.free.fr/spratt103_english/characteristics.htm
> - For piloting ("driving !)" : only a throttle and steering wheel. No 
> pedals or othercontrols and accessories.
tvoivozhd---here's another even simpler.  I wouldn't be happy with 
either though---I have always preferred a stick to a wheel, and would be 
lost without rudder pedals..  And I hate an engine and propeller sitting 
on my shoulders.  I wasn't particularly happy with a B-25 with the left 
propellor rorating inches from the only head I've got, nor with the 
short exhaust stacks bellowing in my ear.

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