[Homestead] Dr-r-r-r-r-um Roll, the Slepcev Storch

Tvoivozhd tvoivozd at infionline.net
Wed Sep 1 21:00:07 EDT 2004

If you want to live forever and your grandmother wants to take off and 
land from her strawberry patch, this is the airplane for you---the 
Slepcev Storch, a three-quarter scale replica of the WWII Fieseler 
Storch---couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it fly---it could be 
throttled down so you could comfortably walk beside it  in a twenty mile 

http://storch.com.au/  (originally the Fieseler Storch used by Germans 
in WWII to ferry officers around battlefields, land and take-off from 
roads, farm fields, fly backwards in a twenty mile headwind. A 
thre-quarter scale version designed by Slepcev has the same flight and 
stall characteristics---you can walk beside it as it flies in a fifteen 
mile headwind---strong and the safest airplane in the world---fly into a 
brick wall and walk away unharmed.

http://storch.com.au/storch.htm  (fully certified, available from an 
Australian manufacturer in kit form or flyaway.)

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/jbrmhall/  (homebuilt Storchs in 
China,Italy and Australia)

http://www.telusplanet.net/public/jbrmhall/useful.htm  (Nestor Slepcev 
suggested changes to his original Storch design---a lot of them and all 
make sense, especially the switch to a four-stroke engine---a 
homebuilder HAS to read this.)

http://www.ultralightflyer.com/storch/  (Canadian source, nice pictures 
and performance description)

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